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Take part. Welcome to The Art Neighborhood.

The Art Neighborhood is an interactive art installation, creating a micro art neighborhood inside New York galleries and museums. In this installation, artist Lisa Marie Ludwig creates an alternate universe that takes on a living and breathing existence in the form of a play-set.

Lisa would like to invite you to collaborate.

The Art Neighborhood was created by Lisa Marie Ludwig and was originally showcased at Jack The Pelican Presents in October 2009. It is an on-going interactive piece and hundreds of people have already participated!

Next exhibit:

Club 157

East Williamsburg Co-working Space & Art Gallery
157 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11206

Dioramarama: A Group Show, curated by Heather Rae Hatton

Opening Reception Friday May 13, 6-9 pm

May 13 - June 5, 2016

On view at Club 157, The Art Neighborhood Presents the TAN Theater with four stop-motion animation shorts are on view- “Heart Beat Drums”, “Animation Station”, The Weather Report”, and “Bella Ciao”. A handful of donated action figures are on view as well as Action Figure Kits for sale.

To Be Announced - Action Figure Workshop - keep posted by visiting The Art Neighborhood Facebook page.

It’s your chance to work with Lisa to create an action figure of yourself to be a part of the on-going installation.

About The Art Neighborhood.

The Art Neighborhood is a shanty town model; it pulls on the themes of struggle and beauty, poverty and hope. Shantytowns are an unfortunate reality, but their hope lies in the possibility of transformation. The Art Neighborhood embodies the call to action necessary to address problems of poverty and conflict. People participate to make action figures of themselves to add to the creative growth of the Art Neighborhood with the understanding that artistic expression is one of many ways to answer a call to action. The Art Neighborhood is meant to be an example of the transformative power of art.

DIY KIT Get involved.

What? Build your own action figure and be part of a future art installation. Why? Why not? First, because it is fun and you will be part of a growing community. Your action figure can represent you or your alter ego. Secondly, because your contribution directly adds to a generous gift submitted to a local charity. And thirdly, because you have always wanted to have an action figure made of yourself and now you have the perfect excuse. How? Download the Instruction Sheet (PDF) for more details and special instructions for constructing your action figure. Send your action figure to: The Art Neighborhood Lisa Marie Ludwig 146 Berry Street Brooklyn, NY 11249 Then What? Visit The Art Neighborhood website or www.lisamarieludwig.com frequently to find details about upcoming shows. And don't forget to checkout updates on Facebook - Become a fan!



Will Ville »
540 driggs avenue , Brooklyn, New York 11211

Everything you need to get started and create a one of a kind Action Figure! COMPLETE WITH: One bendable Action Figure Canvas and reclaimed materials for decoration. Includes mail-in information.

Thanks You're all amazing.

Thanks to the people that made the October 2009 Jack The Pelican Presents show a success: Don Carroll, Rakien (Shogun), Lena Ludwig-Lapper, KK Ludwig-Lapper, Sara Coffin, Joanna Yagerman, Zach Fisher, Dennis Fisher, Jessie Cinelli, Craig Flanagin, Normandy, Rebecca Eppenstein, Heidi Dehncke-Fisher, Helene Dumenil. Thanks to the people that made the October 2011- April 2012 The Uncanny Valley show such a success: Craig Flanagin, Normandy Sherwood, Jacob Schreiber, Pam Autuori, Dennis Fisher, National Theater of the United States of America, all members of The Drunkard's Wife, chashama, and The Material for the Arts.


  • Berkeley Carroll Middle School, Brooklyn, NY- after school workshop
  • Good Shepherd Services at P.S. 32, Brooklyn, NY - promoted by Caleigh Fisher
  • Oasis Art and Education Center, New York, NY - promoted by Rakien Nomura
  • Touro College's Harlem Campus, New York, NY - promoted by Barrie Cline
  • P.S. 152Q Queens, NY - promoted by Rachel Staroba-Hallenbeck
  • Cascades High School, NYC, NY - promoted by Sam Ragoonath
  • Jack the Pelican Presents, Brooklyn, NY - Art Bar
  • Uncanny Valley, LIC, NY - Art Bar
  • The Children's Museum of the Arts, NYC
  • The Catskill Community Center, Catskill, NY - promoted by Laura Anderson

Commission the artist Have your likeness or your alter ego created in action figure style! The artist's proceeds will go to special programs and charities. Artist Lisa Ludwig has been creating action figures for over 15 years and would love to build one specifically for you.

To commission Lisa Ludwig to create your action figure, please fill out the form below. Action figures are $200 to commission. Payment method, delivery options and show exhibit options will be available to you after Lisa receives your information.